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Stainless steel Angle Stainless steel Angle Stainless steel Angle
Name:Stainless steel Angle
Product::Stainless steel Angle
Material Grade::201,301,304,304L,310,316,316L,321,2205, 416, 431, 430 etc.
Color::White bright
Manufacturing country::China
Stock::In stock
Sales Model::Factory direct sale
Payment terms::T/T, L/C, Western Union, Paypal
sample::free of charge
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(1) test methods:

(1) tensile test method. Commonly used with GB/T228-87 standard test methods, JISZ2201, JISZ2241, ASTMA370, Г О С Т 1497, BS18, DIN50145, etc.; (2) the bending test method. Standard test methods with GB/T232-88, JISZ2204, JISZ2248, ASTME290, Г О С Т 14019, DIN50111, etc.

(2) performance indicators: assessment of stainless steel Angle inspection items mainly for the performance of tensile test and bending test. Indexes including the yield point, tensile strength, elongation and bending of qualified, etc.


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